Advantages of custom mylar bags and stand up Pouches

Development in flexible packaging means that your company has more options for delivering products than ever. The decisions you make can lead to your customers having safe and more delightful products, despite the industry you work in. From daily food to the health and beauty industry, custom-printed and high-grade delivery choices allow you to further differentiate your brand while securely delivering your product offerings to today’s customers. Custom printed mylar bags and stand up pouches are two great options for economical, small-product delivery. 

What Is a Stand-Up Pouch?

The stand-up pouch is a kind of flexible delivery choice that fits the display screen. The bag is built to create a stable base, allowing the bag to be stood on a strong surface. While the rest of the bag is flexible and enough to adapt to any product you pick to house in it, the bottom remains solid and ready to display your branding or product description. While Custom stand up pouches are consistently developed of film, you can customize the material and color of your packaging. Stand-up pouches can also quickly be furnished with features like releasable tops or display-ready hanging holes.

Benefits and disadvantages of Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are made to place your products on a display screen. Their nature is that, as soon as a product is obtained, it can be propped up and appreciated by the purchaser. This makes stand-up pouches a superb solution for companies that deliver to outside stores or resellers. Even if a shop does not have a shelf area, stand-up pouches can conveniently hang or lay boxes. You do lose some storage space to allow the stand-up base and secured top of the pouch. This means that strong, flexible, stand-up pouches have a rather more confining inside. They’re optimal receptacles for tiny, movable products – like coffee beans, tea leaves, or cereals.

What Is a Mylar Bag?

Mylar bags get their name from their key material, “mylar.” Although you might not have heard of this material in the past, it is flexible and can be used in products like fire coverings, aluminum foil balloons, and vacuum bags. The same properties that make mylar extremely beneficial in those products make it an amazing packaging possession. Mylar is extremely flexible and thin, however, it supplies a level of security for your product. It is best for more sensitive products, offering guards against things like:

  • External light
  • Odors
  • Air leakages

Though the lightweight packaging may fool you, mylar bags are puncture-proof.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are tightly sealed, and their contents are protected. This makes them best for shipping food products or elegant products – things that buyers take in or place on their bodies. Your customers can be confident that their plans were supplied securely without the effect of outdoor elements, like extreme heat, undesirable odors, or the air leakages that can create stodginess and dried-out products. You can obtain extremely innovative with your flexible packaging designs – despite whether or not the bags are meant to be stood up.

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