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Marijuana packaging trends are now coming to be hyper-focused on the environment-friendly side. Although it’s a “green industry” , it has never really been a sustainable industry until recently.

In a 2020 research study, 74% of consumers claimed they would certainly pay even more for lasting product packaging. As an added benefit, by including your ecological recognition in your brand name’s message, you’ll win the hearts of consumers! Lots of company owners began to try to find a service, and some have actually come to eco-friendly marijuana product packaging. From our point of view, it’s a terrific initial step to help to lower ecological impact. Wondering where to begin or lacking motivation?

Returnable product packaging

Returnable marijuana packaging and recyclable product packaging is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. This will work best for brand names that have a substantial flow of products with a good variety of distribution factors.

By using returnable packaging bags or sustainable dispensary packaging, you can significantly lower the impact on the atmosphere. Once your consumer completes the item, they can send it back to where they bought it. By then, you can gather, then reuse these marijuana bundles after proper cleansing & disinfecting. When using returnable design, you should think of making it collapsible also. Using retractable product packaging makes the return freight a minor cost factor. However, to effectively implement this system, you have to have a selection of circulation factors. By doing this, you can keep an eye on your packaging and decrease any kind of losses. Since the majority of cannabis product packaging has to have to be childproof, there would certainly be a system in place with these returnables to add the childproofing to the package to ensure it is still compliant.

Biodegradable & compostable product packaging 

This is clearly what pops into individuals’ minds when they initially think of biodegradable dispensary packaging. Since a lot of product packaging are plant-based or nonrenewable fuel source materials, its end-of-life disposal is environmentally friendly. Moreover, it might provide the planet with nutrients once it is completely broken down. However there is a problem, no matter its benefits, that all compostable product packaging has to be evaluated very carefully prior to being approved. Most of those tests are to ensure its fragmentation, biodegradation, and safe impact, and just how to deal with them in the appropriate practice.

So if you’re thinking of using biodegradable materials for your sustainable cannabis packaging you should let consumers know just how they must get rid of them also. Or else, it’ll still hurt the environment if it is simply thrown in the garbage vs recycled.

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