E-Cigs – Are They Safe?

Electronic cigarettes do tend to cause quite a lot of controversy in the modern media. People are always debating whether or not they are safe to use, whether they can be successfully introduced into mainstream society, and whether or not this is secretly nothing more than a ploy to get people hooked on the latest version of nicotine.

Paranoid delusions aside, a lot of people do legitimately question whether or not the electronic cigarette is a safe thing to use. Understandably, we know that this will be important for you to have a good knowledge base on, especially considering that COVID-19 has proven itself to be a serious issue in terms of making everybody question their basic actions.

To try to help out, we thought we would take a look at whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe to use, by breaking down all of the different components in the device, and talking about the various health and safety options that exist for them.


The Battery

Okay, so let’s take a look at the most obvious potential issue first, and explore the battery. Your typical battery is what power is the electronic cigarette, it provides it with all of the power it has, and is often the reason why the electronic cigarette winds up in the media, because someone doesn’t charge the device properly and then it explodes.

Battery safety should probably not be something that we have to cover, considering that most things in the modern world run on the same battery as an electronic cigarette. However, let’s break it down.

Your battery is a lithium ion battery, which means that it can hold a finite amount of charge and be used for your electronic cigarette device. You will also encounter this type of battery inside mobile phones, laptops, and other technological devices.

Overcharging a lithium ion battery will create a health and safety risk, because it means that people can risk exploding, the battery not successfully charging, overheating, and overloading. The simple solution to this is to charge your battery carefully, don’t leave it on charge for too long if it doesn’t have to be.

The Tip

The next piece of technology in the electronic cigarette which could potentially be a problem is the tip. Now, don’t you start acting childish on us, the tip is of course the bit where you put your mouth around it and then inhale to use the vapour to smoke with.

The big problem that can come from this type of thing is that the tip can get quite hot, because obviously the entire device is heating vapour, and you run the risk of burning yourself. That’s why a lot of devices come with a drip tip. This acts as a guard for the heat, and protects the skin.

Getting a good drip tip is the best option here, because there are numerous different variations made by different providers. However, if you can find the right one, it will definitely help you to get the best outcomes.

The eLiquids

Okay, so obviously, we can’t talk about electronic cigarettes without talking about e-liquids. These guys are kind of the all important part of the formula, as without them, there really is no electronic cigarette experience. That means that we have to cover the basic requisite health and safety tasks if we are going to properly cover electronic cigarette health and safety.

The eliquids by themselves are quite safe. Obviously, you don’t want to drink them, because that doesn’t end well, they can be heated to different temperatures, but obviously the hotter they get, the more dangerous they get without proper drip tips and safety equipment, so you need to keep that in mind.

Functionally, these eliquids don’t contain anything immediately harmful, they just need you to be safe and sensible with how you use them in order to protect yourself from harm.

We only save a selection of different options when it comes to eliquids that come from safe providers. We wouldn’t give you anything that was bad or harmful, because we believe in your health and safety. Feel free to check out what’s on offer.

Final Thoughts

So, at the end of the day, you’ve got numerous different options available when it comes to e-cigs and the health and safety which comes with it. What you do when it comes to your health and safety, and how you conduct yourself, you’ve got different choices.

Functionally, we actively try to protect you from harm whenever we can because we know that it is important. Not only do we use eliquids which are going to be safe for you, but we also look for parts and devices which are going to be safe as well.

At the end of the day, it is all about understanding that there is a spectrum of the different options which are on offer. You need to stop and take a look at what is on offer because there are choices in terms of quality and design. What we aim to do is to give you all of the different options that are on offer while sticking to the high end of the spectrum with regards to quality. We understand that you are concerned as to what it all means for your enjoyment, which is why we try and give you the best choices.

You need to understand how the e-cig works. It is, functionally, a big deal for anyone who uses it. But, with that being said, it doesn’t mean that you have to worry about the safety element of things. If you’re sensible and take a direct route to your own well-being, you’ll very quickly see that e-cigs aren’t dangerous. They can be used responsibly and safely if you’re careful with them, and this gives you all the options you’ll need. Get in touch if you’re not 100% sure about how to use the device safely – we’ll walk you through it.