Everything You Should Know About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are potent, THC-rich, and outstanding for medical marijuana users under a physician’s care. Flavored terpenes and aromatics are present in dense amounts in cannabis concentrates, as are cannabinoids that serve medical functions.

Creating a cannabis concentrate involves distilling the most valuable part of the plant– the trichomes. Cannabinoids and terpenes thrive inside these frosty white structures that coat the whole plant surface however are most widespread on the buds. As the trichomes go through the distillation procedure, the pulpy plant product is discarded.

The effect is a smooth, cannabis concentrate high in psychoactive THC. 

What are the advantages of using concentrates?

Patients requiring a quick, strong dosage of cannabis to relieve signs might find dabbing or vaporizing concentrates to be an effective way to provide relief. Clean, pure concentrates are also considered to be a healthier option since they strip out resin-producing plant products.

What is cannabis extraction?

Cannabis extraction is similar to the processes used to decaffeinate coffee, produce vitamins and minerals, and create vital oils. In cannabis, the producers of the primary substance are aiming to extract cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes– these compounds offer the aroma, taste, and effect of the final product.

How are cannabis concentrates extracted?

Concentrates have used different extraction methods and solvents in processes that make use of strains in a safe, closed-loop system. Cannabis concentrates can be divided into two primary categories:

  1. Solvent Extractions

Solvents strip compounds from the plant, leaving behind a highly potent liquid solution. Popular solvents include butane, gas, CO2, and alcohol.

  1. Solventless Extractions

Solventless extractions do not introduce any foreign substances. Water is technically a solvent, ice-water extractions are usually categorized as solventless extractions in cannabis.

How do I identify a concentration’s quality?

Many people explained concentrates by their consistency, i.e. shatter, budder or wax. Nevertheless, the same extraction method can provide a variety of consistencies in the final product, so this alone does not suggest quality. The only surefire method to determine concentrate quality is laboratory testing. Laboratory tests determine recurring solvents, impurities, and cannabinoid material.

How Can I Consume Cannabis Concentrate?

There are a variety of ways extracts can be consumed, each with a different level of problem and equipment required. To consume concentrates, a concentrate is heated by the device till a vapor is released, which is then inhaled

Dab/Vape Pens

Pens provide a portable option for smoking wax/shatter/oil. Some pens use a pre-loaded cartridge; others have internal chambers to be packed with concentrate by the user.

Dab Rig

Using a dab rig needs special equipment and is the most difficult method to consume in cannabis. New technology is being established which is making dab rigs simpler to use, however, this equipment can be costly.


Concentrates are also frequently consumed with flowers. Lots of patients coat their joints or bowls with concentrates for an included dosage of relief.

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