How it feels to smoke THC Delta-8?

There has been quite a bit of buzz lately around hemp plants and new types of cannabinoids. CBD has been popular for several years. It can provide benefits like relief from anxiety, insomnia, heart disease, depression, and other issues without getting the recipient high. That’s a big benefit!  CBD, as compared with THC, can be compared to drinking coffee or wine without the alcohol. So what is the point? If the buzz feels good, why skip it?

THC is an illegal substance, and CBD is not. While many states have legalized marijuana use for personal or medical purposes, federal laws continue to make it an illegal substance. It’s a reasonable chance for some. For others, it’s not. It’s a risk worth taking.

Another reason you should skip the buzz about THC is that THC products now have been engineered to be stronger, last longer and provide more euphoria. This is an amazing way to get “stoned” in order to zone out. However, being zonked can make it difficult to function in the real-world. Sometimes we just “need chill” more than other things. You don’t need a wrecking ball to do the same job as a hammer.

What is THC Delta-8, exactly?

Delta THC, as it is commonly known, is another THC-form found in cannabis or hemp. THC Delta-9 (or THC) is what is most commonly referred to when we speak of THC. It is what makes you get high from smoking marijuana. THC is a different form of THC. Because they have different carbon bond structures, the euphoric effects they produce can be slightly different. THC Delta-8, which is THC Delta-9’s counterpart, produces less euphoric feelings. Perhaps more importantly, THC Delta-8 is not considered to be THC Delta-9’s same substance because it has chemically different properties. Or, to put it in a simpler way, federal laws state that if it does not appear on the illegal substances’ list, then it is not illegal. The THC loophole.

THC Delta-8 and THC Delta-10 are legal as far as we know. Since this technology was so new, most states haven’t taken action. THC products have suddenly been made easy by placing orders online. All you have to do is wait for the package to arrive.

So, what’s the deal with THC Delta-8?

I love to vape my cannabis. To my high tolerance, smoking THC can make it too harsh and unpleasant for some people. I’m allergic to edibles and they make me feel grouchy. So I ordered some THC Delta-8 cartridges and THC Delta-9 vapes to see how they compare to my usual THC Delta-9.

Okay, but how does it feel to smoke THC Delta-8?

The difference between smoking THC Delta-8 and drinking a bottle wine was felt at the end of the day. It was similar to smoking THC Delta-9. But it was much less intense.

Oil, for one, is much lighter than oil. THC Delta-9 vape pen cartridges are almost identical to olive oil in color. The Delta-8 vape cartridges were clearer than the others and appear more like water. While it doesn’t make a huge difference in appearance, it can still be distracting for some to see the opaque substance inside their vape. Delta-8 looks pristine.