How Much Does it Cost to Open a Cannabis Dispensary?

Reviewing headlines about the cannabis industry, one may think that cannabis small business owners are all cashing out big. And while there are many success tales, high start-up prices, varying in between $250,000 to $750,000, make the economic truth of opening up a dispensary hard for many budding business owners.

Yet the increasing demand for cannabis allows for great opportunities, also in one of the most saturated markets. Retailers that want to take on big-box stores should function smart, focus on producing an excellent store experience, and invest in cannabis tech that simplifies procedures to minimize expense.


The primary step in opening a dispensary is getting a NY dispensary license. The licensing procedure, which varies based on area, is substantial and pricey. Expect to undergo detailed background checks and invest a minimum of $5,000 in licensing charges.

In a position, the variety of licenses granted by the state is only offered and capped by buying one off of an existing licensee. This can run upwards of $25,000 plus lawful costs.

Investment Requirement Preclude 

Besides the licensing and possible lawful costs, there’s one more thing that precludes many from the industry: capital requirement. Before licensing, some states require evidence that you can monetarily weather the true expense of running a marijuana business. Relying on where you look for a license, a city government may need evidence that you have sufficient liquid assets to keep your company afloat in rough times.


Locating a place for a cannabis dispensary isn’t difficult, yet can be expensive. City and state regulations define the legal proximity dispensaries can be to a school, church, park, arcade, and/or anywhere else children could be likely to gather. Locating a permitted area with foot traffic and vehicle parking might set you back up to $100,000 per year. To maintain customers’ returns, it is essential to spend extra money to make the shop friendly, inviting, and modern.

The Expense of cannabis-friendly Banking

The legal ambiguity of marijuana develops a rare partnership with state-legal services. When banks collaborate with marijuana organizations, they handle the risk, nevertheless not likely, that government enforcement priorities can alter and cannabis-friendly banks could be targeted. Some banks charge up to $2,000 in holding costs each month for cannabis companies.

Prices & Smart Investments

In a state that allows for upright integration, it can set you back more than $500 per extra pound to grow your marijuana; plus the supply expenses for edibles, topicals, and other items. The pay-roll prices for a staff of budtenders, store supervisor, and a master cultivator can total even more than $250,000 yearly. A clever marijuana retail owner can save time and money in other places by spending early in modern technology that will optimize their procedure.