Nicotine – Miracle Substance or Manufactured Sin?

The subject of nicotine is often an interesting one in the electronic cigarette industry. There are some people who strangely believed that nicotine is a fictional drug, something created by big companies to keep people hooked on cigarettes, and thus, make sure that they are bringing in the money.

Ultimately, the real story of nicotine is quite grounded in reality, which is good because otherwise, people would run rampant with conspiracy theories and strange ideas about the state of reality.

With that being said, we do want to try and promote a very relaxed and interesting narrative about the importance of and creation of nicotine as a concept, so let’s take a look at the lifespan of this substance that we all enjoy so much.


Ultimately, nicotine is something which is naturally occurring in nature. It is part of a plant which has been growing naturally for hundreds of years now, it is collected and harvested all across the world, and then prepared and turned into the substance that you smoke on a regular basis.

Yes, nicotine is an addictive substance. But, at the same time, there are many drugs which are addictive, and alcohol is addictive, it’s a lot to do with the type of personality that you have as much as the nature of addiction itself.

However, something which we can say with absolute confidence is that nicotine is not the creation of a power hungry company, it is not a marketing gimmick, it is not a sales tactic. Nicotine is something which has been going on for years.

Our Position

Many people are quite interested to know what our position on nicotine is as a company, because it is quite a controversial topic in certain circles. We understand that it is quite a challenging subject to talk about sometimes, which is why we are very careful to make sure that we properly articulate our opinion on the subject.

Here is the deal. We do not consider nicotine to be a necessary part of an electronic cigarette experience. The reason why there is nicotine in any of the liquids that are on sale is because a lot of people who pick up an electronic cigarette are transitioning from conventional ones, and obviously, they will have a nicotine addiction which requires dealing with. As there are many psychological issues that come from going cold turkey, it was necessary to add nicotine into the liquids that are sold in order to give people an incentive to make the transition to a healthier and safer way of smoking.

We do not have particularly strong feelings towards nicotine as a concept, we understand that people do use it generally, and that is absolutely fine. However, we also have staff members who have never come into contact with nicotine, and instead just enjoy electronic cigarettes. This is completely okay, there are no rules that say you have to have nicotine, the majority of products that we do sell have a nicotine free variation.

It is up to you whether or not you use nicotine in your electronic cigarette experience. You have many different choices and options of the guards to what you do and when, so it’s important to take a look at what is on offer.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we understand that people have a particularly interesting relationship with nicotine as a concept. We don’t wish to push people into doing anything they are not comfortable with, and instead we understand that people must approach nicotine at their own pace and have every right not to do so at all.

We personally try and provide a well rounded set of services, because we understand how important it could be for you to get the best possible outcomes. We actively look for different ways to give you what you want, because we know it’s important. Everything that we do, we do for you and we know that nicotine can be a challenge. That is why we try and offer a broad selection of services without nicotine in them, because we understand it can be important for you to get the best possible choices.