THC-O vs THC: Benefits of Consuming THCO

Since the government legalization of cannabis products, growers and cannabis experts have developed cannabinoids that have all the benefits of THC without the psychedelic effects of THC with popular cannabinoids like Delta 8 or HHC becoming a hit, growers have explored and developed new ways and strains to smoke.

One of the more recent cannabinoids, THC-O, is new and fairly strange to the most experienced cannabis users. What is this lab-made cannabinoid?

What Is Delta THC-O?

THC-O acetate is a synthetic chemical twin of THC. Although it may appear to be THC and might also be similar THC, it is not, a THC acetate is added. And unlike a lot of naturally  occurring cannabinoids, THC-O is made chemically with new cannabis modern technology.

To produce THC-O, you have to go through a series of extractions and trials. Initially, CBD is extracted from less than 0.3% THC hemp. Next, delta-8 THC is extracted from the CBD. Finally, the natural solvent acetic anhydride is provided to the delta-8 THC molecules, a procedure that removes all terpenes and flavonoids, leaving behind a tasteless, aromas, thick THC isolate with polarizing effectiveness, perfect for those that live where marijuana use is prohibited.


As we explained previously, both THC and THC-O have a similar molecular structure with the addition of an acetate establishing the two apart. The advancement of the acetate in THC-O makes it more powerful and can offer it 300% more reliable than traditional THC. Because it does not come from cannabis plants, THC-O is intentionally developed to be potent yet it will not offer you the same adverse effects of THC.

THC-O Benefits

THC-O is considered by all those who have tried it as a spiritual cannabinoid, frequently being contrasted to a small dosage of LSD or Acid. It does not have intense hallucinogen effects however it does offer some strong feelings of ecstasy and a feel-good mind.

Considering that it isn’t a naturally occurring cannabinoid, it does not break down in your body like THC does for that reason making it more potent and the effects begin faster than smoking. Users have also reported that effects start also faster when vaping against smoking or consuming edibles. Although it is a psychedelic cannabinoid, it will not offer you the intensity of tougher medications like ecstasy or LSD.

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