Tips on How to Deal With Leaking Vape Tanks

Buying a well-manufactured vape tank should exonerate you from vape tank leaks, but, in reality, it just isn’t the case. Whether it’s a faulty device or incorrect handling or care, there is always a possibility that a tank can leak. Rather than trying to purchase tanks that will never leak, properly taking care of the tank and being prepared for leakages is a more practical and reliable way of managing things.

Getting the best vape juice and being vigilant about the care of the devices are key in increasing the lifespan of your tank.


If the coils of a device are not well taken care of or have become too old, they present a great danger for leakages. Even more, buying the wrong coils can create problems. Manufacturers develop coils that work extremely well with their products. While this means they will get the most life out of their wanted pair, it also suggests they are not created for global usage.

Utilizing several spare parts in one device causes leaks almost inescapable. Coils that have been used for as long as they have left shape to require to be changed. Compared to other parts, coils are relatively affordable and easy to change.


The method the device uses can also affect whether the tank leaks or not. It is more likely than not that concerns with a device are due to the user than the manufacturer. This is likely when the concern is a leaking storage tank. Simply being more mindful and careful while holding the electronic cigarette or vape mod can result in less dripping on its own.

Inhaling too greatly can attract juice out of the container, which will bring about several issues for the device. Instead, take longer puffs to get the same hit of nicotine without damaging the device. The mouthpiece might be leaking because of the condensation of juice. This may look like a leakage yet controlling the power switch by releasing it as soon as you take a puff, or cleansing the mouthpiece more frequently, will make it no more show up as a leakage.

Type Of vape JUICE

If you decided on the most effective vape juice and opted for a less expensive choice, you’ll likely notice damage on your device as opposed to just a dip in vape quality. Depending on the type of juice you want to buy, different dripping issues might happen. For example, a PG-based e-juice is thinner which leads to leakage. If dripping has been a consistent concern, button to a VG or, if you utilize a combination, choose an e-juice that has a much better PG VG proportion. 

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