Why Pet Owners are Giving their Pets CBD

As a pet owner, you’re probably constantly on the hunt for ways to boost your pets’ lives. You might buy the most enjoyable play toys you can find, scout out the very best getaways, or serve them the highest-quality food.

But if your pet dog has any health problems- whether that’s achy joints or anxiety– you could be searching for something extra to include in their routine to help them. Which doesn’t need to imply placing them on a stringent diet plan or integrating a new prescription.

Rather, several family pet owners are supporting their furry family members with an all-natural, safe option: CBD.


Understanding CBD Before You Give It to Your Pets

CBD originates from the marijuana plant. To help recognize exactly how CBD functions, let’s take a step back to check out that plant as a whole.

The Cannabis Sativa plant is a yearly herbaceous flowering plant. Generations of people have actually grown this plant for a wide range of purposes. It’s been used as medication and to create things like fabrics. You may be accustomed to hemp or marijuana plants that are expanded to create either fiber or heart-healthy seeds. Basically, cannabis is a fairly versatile plant with a wide variety of uses.

The marijuana plant has two main active ingredients. The first is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient that has psychoactive results. Our products for pet dogs do not contain any type of THC, so you won’t require to worry about getting your pet dog high.

The second main active component is cannabidiol or CBD. Mile High Cure CBD offers pure CBD, independently lab-tested CBD for pets

But why are so many pet owners, including CBD to their animals’ routines? Let’s take a look.

What CBD Can Do for Pets

The American Kennel Club summarizes the CBD’s influence for pet dogs nicely, saying, “Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors situated in the main and peripheral nervous systems, which assist keep balance in the body and maintain it in a normal, healthy state.” Actually, they’re also cosponsoring a study to see how CBD can assist epileptic dogs.

Ultimately, while formal studies on CBD for pets are still lacking, there’s quite a bit of anecdotal evidence supporting it. Pet owners have seen CBD help their pets with:

– Inflammation.

– Anxiety.

– Arthritis.

– Pain.

– Seizures.

– Nausea and lack of appetite.

In short, CBD can help to calm your pet physically and mentally and ease any pain they’re experiencing.

We blend our CBD for pets with natural wild Alaskan salmon oil to provide it a taste pets enjoy, as well as giving many health and wellness take advantage of the Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. In addition to helping assist healthy and balanced body immune systems and cardio health, the salmon oil additionally assists to advertise total healthy and balanced skin and vibrant layers.

A Couple of Notes for Pet Owners

If your family pet is currently taking any type of medication, talk with your vet before you incorporate CBD into their routine. While CBD is normally really secure, taking that extra step ensures it doesn’t cause any issues when mixed with the other substances your pet is taking.

As pet owners recognize, there are certain situations that tend to produce anxiety in dogs and cats. These include going to the vet or the groomers, thunderstorms, or times when there are way too many site visitors in the house. Some pets may have separation anxiety whether you are going on a trip or leaving for work. There are also rescue pets that may have built-up anxiety from their time in the shelters or have illness-induced anxiety as a result of current health conditions. In all of these situations, CBD may help to calm your pet’s anxiety and reduce their feelings of stress and discomfort.

If you’re ready to see what CBD can do for your four-legged family member, shop our CBD for pets today.