CBD and Drug Tests

Marijuana and drug tests have been a discussion for a long time, between urine, blood and hair sample tests, the accuracy and timing involved in these tests changes as the science has improved.

This ongoing discussion took a more recent shift towards CBD the past couple years after the general legislation was passed that allowed hemp to be grown.

Since then CBD oil and products have exploded on the market usually in the theme of anti-nausea and sleeping aids.

THC is the chemical found in marijuana most responsible for the ‘high’ however there are a couple other chemicals found in the notorious plants that are also becoming well known and worth separating from the plants.

Cannabis plants refers in general to hemp and marijuana which are different plants. While Marijuana does contain some CBD they generally tend to have more THC, in contrast it is Hemp that is low in THC and contains the CBD chemical in higher volumes.

Due to its high CBD content hemp products have been used in soaps, balms, shampoos, candles, oils, butters, tinctures and so many other products for the supposed health and mental benefits, such as reducing inflammation, relieving pain or nausea.

While containing many different medicinal properties, CBD doesn’t get you ‘high’ in any similar way to THC and so hemp and CBD products are generally safe to use in most situations, not impairing the user in any similar fashion to THC or alcohol and won’t cause a positive reaction on a drug test either, when isolated at least.

Drug Testing

While CBD is not supposed to cause a positive drug test there are many different kinds of CBD products available, some of them are much better regulated than others. Some CBD products may contain THC, even trace amounts which could in turn cause the positive drug test.

That is why it is important when purchasing any products you only buy Premium cbd tinctures, the more regulated when possible.

CBD tinctures and products can usually be found in one of three different categories.

Full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolated. Just as they might sound, those are the degrees to which the CBD has been separated from other compounds during extraction. Full spectrum oils will be essentially as natural as you would find in the plants, containing all the variety of chemicals in hemp, except there can be no higher then 0.3% THC to be sold as CBD product

Broad spectrum is similar to Full Spectrum except that there is supposed to be no THC at all. While it will still have a variety of other chemicals found in hemp the THC has been completely removed.

CBD isolate products refers to tinctures and oils of CBD that has been completely separated and purified of all other chemicals


If your employment requires drug testing and you are inclined to use CBD oils for their variety of effects like sleeping aids, just be careful to only purchase the higher quality oils. Search for the oils that are correctly labeled either broad spectrum or isolated, to be sure you wont be affecting the results of any tests and still get a good night’s sleep.