Different Points to Consider Before Buying the Right Bong for You

Acquiring a bong for the very first time or even the 100th time can be discouraging. There are many different designs, percolators, designs, glass thickness it’s hard to know where to start. This guide will help you tighten your search down so you can be smoking in no time.

Let’s start with the design or appearance of the bong that you would certainly favor. The main types to pick from are straight tube, beaker bongs, and recycler. Straight tubes have thick smoke and clear quick. Beaker bongs have extra quantity and much less thick smoke, more difficult to clear yet larger slits. Recyclers are mainly used for smoking concentrates, which recycles the water. 

Glass Thickness

Glass thickness is very crucial due to the fact that it selects for how long your bong lasts. The thicker the better obviously however likewise attempt to consider the setting the bong is going to be in. If it’s going to be risk-free and stay in just one space, do not bother with density as much. If you plan on bringing it with you anywhere or have awkward friends, try to obtain the thickest glass. The thinnest glass begins at 2-3 mm then moves up to 3-5mm is your average density. Then glass 5-7mm is rather thick and hard to damage. Choose anywhere above 3.5 mm glass density and you must be great.


Percolators are a hot subject since there are no clear winners of which one is the very best, every person just has a preference and stays with it. There are two points you look for in a percolator: the level of smoothness it offers from filtration and the amount of drag it provides from pulling smoking with the tiny holes. If you are new to bongs and smoke you do not need a percolator however they are nice to have. Try not to purchase a Bong with too many percolators, it may appear like a good suggestion however the drag from all the percolators will certainly be hard to clear the chamber. 

Tidy Your Bong

You need to think about cleaning your new bong. Eventually your bong is going to get filthy and filled with tar and smoke deposits around the glass. If you select an easy bong without any percolators, cleansing will be easy. If you pick a bong with a percolator with also 2 or 3 of them cleaning up will certainly not be so very easy. If you do intend to acquire a bong with percolators, get an ash catcher. It’s a lot easier cleansing an ash catcher rather than your bong.

Joint Sizes

Joints (not the kind you roll) can be found in two typical dimensions 14mm and 18mm. There are a couple of various other dimensions. Try to buy a bong with the exact same size joints as this will make your life less complicated since if you damage a slide or downstem you can mix and match and they will certainly all mesh.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you find the article useful and informative.