How To Buy The Best Dab Rigs?

When blowing a joint, some of us might have the feeling that it’s not enough; it didn’t give you that relaxation that you wanted, and you light up another one to complete the void. Well, with a dab rig, you can change your habits. Just like Dab Rigs, you will use cannabis extraction with more THC than a normal joint.

If you want to try dabbing, then getting a dab rig isn’t a bad idea. You can buy it in a store or get it from an online Puffing Bird store that will be provided to your house. 


A dab rig also referred to as Wax Rigs, or concentrate pipe, is a device used for smoking or vaping your favored essences like shatters, rosins, live materials, sauces, and waxes. Dabbing can provide you a high kick when puffing it, so dab rigs are produced by passionate smokers, medical users, and individuals that want to try a bit more than simply smoking a normal doobie. Dab rigs are generally made out of glass. 


Quality– This is the first to consider when buying a dab rig that is high in high quality. Although you could opt for the cheapest option available, they are probably to break from the heat or break from mishandling.

Smaller Mouthpieces – If you choose a dab rig with a smaller-sized mouthpiece, it allows you to taste the flavor, and it will not moisten your chances of completing a dab.

Water Filtration – It’s not recommended to use Dab Rigs without water. You don’t want your lungs to concentrate without cooling down in water initially.

  1. Style – Get a dab rig that will fit your needs best, discuss the pros and cons of every type pointed out, and choose the one that is best for you. Keep in mind that smaller dabs provide more taste.
  2. Dab Tools – Although you might think that you will have the ability to obtain your dabbing experience with just your dab rig, there are also some devices that you will need. Some of them are a torch used for heating your dab nail and a dabber for applying your dabs.
  3. Nail Kind – Consider that every sort of product will offer you a different feeling and experience. You will also use them differently.
  4. Percolators – The most effective dab rigs feature 2 or four percolators that do not slice the water too much, yet cool the dabs.

Please modify the factors and see if dabbing is something that you want to try.

Many thanks for reading it. I hope you find this article useful and informative.