The 3 Best Ways to Consume Your Hemp Flower

It’s no surprise that the Hemp flower is growing in popularity amongst avid CBD consumers. The Hemp flower, or, the ‘smokable flower’ is arguably one of the most pleasurable ways to consume CBD.

Enjoyability aside, it is also a consistently high quality product with guaranteed purity. The ‘smokable flower’ can also be consumed in many different ways unlike vape cartridges or oils.

If you manage to get your hands on some premium quality smokable hemp, the best way to experience it to the fullest, aroma and all, is to smoke it.

Here are some of the best ways you can enjoy your Hemp flower.

1.   Joints

The most popular way of consuming hemp is to roll it into a joint. With a joint, you experience a relaxing and calming effect on your body without having it take away your energy. Consider this the “safe for work” version of a joint. Should you feel that rolling is beyond you, keep reading. We’re not done yet.

2.   Bongs

Invest in a bong. Preferably a glass bong, there are more benefits to it. This way you can smoke your hemp flower without having the nuisance of having to roll it into a joint. This way you get to save on rolling paper and time.

Since bongs come in all shapes and sizes with each kind providing a different hit, you can decide how strong you want that hit to be. Larger models provide a stronger hit and can feel harsher on your throat because of the amount of smoke that accumulates in the chamber. Bongs that incorporate water are a little more sophisticated, and help filter the smoke before it enters your lungs, giving you a smoother hit.

It’s also important to note however, the importance of keeping your bong clean. You can learn how to keep your glass bong clean here. A lot of concentrate can accumulate inside the bong which can result in mold that is very harmful to the human respiratory system.

3.   Edibles

This is always a fun way to consume your CBD flower. Add it to your favourite brownie or cake recipe and snack away. Why do many people opt for fatty recipes to consume the flower? The fat and starch in desserts like brownies or cake allow for optimal absorption into your body.

If you’re slow-cooking your recipe then you can also just grind up your CBD flower and add it straight into your dish. Why, you ask? The slow-cook simmering time will activate the cannabinoids within your edibles, for a stronger hit.

If the recipe you want to enhance with CBD isn’t slow-cooked then you need only decarboxylate your flower first and add that straight into the dish along with any other herbs you are using.


Although there exists a myriad of ways to consume the CBD flower, there’s no denying the enjoyable experience of simply just smoking it. Instead of stressing over finding the right mode of consumption for you, try the 3 best ways we’ve suggested above and get the best out of your smokable flower.