Ways to Smoke Shatter

Shatter is the finest cannabis extract available, and it can be purchased through online dispensaries. It has the greatest terpene content of any cannabis extract on the market, as well as a glass-like clarity and amber color.

In this article, you’ll get in-depth information on how to smoke shatter. Read on to learn more! Here are several methods for smoking shatter. You can also buy shatter online in Canada.

Dap Rig

The most popular method of consuming cannabis concentrates is dabbing using a dab rig. A dab rig is a bong designed to burn concentrates (such as shatter and wax) rather than dried and cured cannabis.

However, unlike a normal bong, a dab rig has two crucial components for shatter smoking: a nail and a dome. It would be best if you first undertook nail heating to make the dab rig function. The shatter is then placed on the heated nail and covered with the dome.

The shatter is vaporized (or turned into “smoke”), whereas the dome prevents all of the excellent content from flying away into space. The vapor is drawn through the chamber and into your body when you inhale via the mouth of the dab rig.

Adding it to a Joint

This is one of the simplest methods to smoke shatter. Crush it or shape it like a snake and place it on top of the marijuana before rolling a joint. This enables you to choose whether or not you want the extra fuel in your cannabis.

Through a Cigarette

The only difference is that you will add shatter to the exterior or end of your cigarette, just as you would with a joint.

Put a little bit of glassy shatter on the ember of your cigarette, and it will melt into the cigarette. If the shatter is a little sticky, place it on the outside of the cigarette, and it will burn as you smoke.

Vape Pen

Some vape pens may also evaporate shatter, so be sure to check the specifications before purchasing. The majority of portable vaporizers can only burn vape juice or take pre-filled cartridges.

The more costly ones let you adjust the heat to evaporate various concentrates, including shatter.

These kinds of vape pens are difficult to master since they have many settings that must be tweaked before you can smoke. They also have a high learning curve and need a lot of practice.


Another easy way to learn how to smoke shatter without investing in an expensive dab rig is to use everyone’s favorite: the bong.

Here’s how to use this popular cannabis equipment to smoke shatter:

  • Fill the dish approximately halfway.
  • Add a couple of tiny shatter pieces to the mix.
  • Fill the basin with a ground bud the rest of the way.
  • Turn on the lights and get moving.

By encircling the shatter with ground marijuana, you may prevent your lighter’s flame from getting into touch with the cannabis concentrate and destroying it.

Tips on how to Buy Shatter Online Canada

It’s one thing to buy shatter from someone you know; it’s another to get it from a store or dispensary you know and trust. But what if you want to order shatter from the comfort of your own home? How can you know what is of excellent quality and who you can rely on to provide you with high-grade goods?

Well, you’ll need to locate a reputable retailer, one that offers other high-quality goods that you’ve used or that have received positive feedback from other customers. Perhaps some of your friends and relatives have had excellent luck buying flowers or other concentrates from a website that also offers shatter. Companies that ensure the quality of their goods have a solid track record with all of the items they offer.