4 CBD Products That Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex is an integral part of life. Cannabis has long been used to improve sex, with plenty of people swearing by the results. Research study now supports these anecdotes, with THC helps people achieve more powerful orgasms and a more pleasant sexual experience, especially in the case of women. When it comes to the CBD, the cannabinoid also shows plenty of promise for sex.

While many credits the THC high as cannabis’s most beneficial sexual aid, CBD could help people who have stress or performance anxiety without the psychedelic high that THC produces. According to experts, CBD can reduce pain, promote relaxation, and enhance sensations without the fuzzy feeling that THC causes.

Here are 4 types of CBD products that can improve your sex life:

CBD Gummies

CBD edibles can help people cope with anxiety and nervousness, but there are edibles designed specifically with sex in mind. These types of products contain THC and other aphrodisiac components, while also ensuring that the dosage in them is low enough so that it won’t impair sexual performance. Edibles with a focus on sex tend to contain small amounts of THC in order to provide the best possible results.

CBD Lubricants

For women who tend to suffer from painful sex or who simply want to feel more, CBD Lube can help relax and enhance their experience. CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent; when placed directly on the skin, it could provide fast acting effects and could help people focus more and stay present.

CBD Massage oils

CBD and massages go great together, with the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties providing relief for sore muscles, more tension relief, and the chance to deliver a more satisfying massage.

Hemp Flower

Strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD can improve sex, especially when incorporated into foreplay. When the weed kicks in, couples will likely experience a stronger desire and arousal. This method is preferable for people who have some experience with cannabis since if you consume too large of a dose, sexual pleasure can be reduced.

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