Craft Hemp Vs Industrial Hemp

With the popularity of hemp flower & CBD making waves worldwide, I felt it important to make the distinction between an industrial hemp farm and a craft hemp flower farm . The first major difference would be the size of the operation, in addition to growing practices. A craft hemp flower farm would usually be less than 2 acres, where industrial hemp farms can be over 100 acres!

Obviously, a farm producing tens of thousands of pounds of hemp cannot give the same kind of care to each plant, as a smaller farm growing a few thousand plants. Industrial hemp farms grow hemp like any other industrial crop, in mass. Therefore, the care and standards during the grow are sacrificed to focus on bulk production. Many of these industrial farms simply cut the tops off the plants and label their hemp flower “craft”. This is a bit disingenuous, as these industrial hemp farms are mainly growing biomass and are the opposite of craft hemp flower.

Compare that with a craft hemp farm who grows strictly craft hemp buds and no hemp biomass what so ever. All plants are topped, thinned and primed for premium hemp nug production. The hemp buds are hand trimmed and the trim is hand sifted for CBD kief and infused back into hemp flower pre rolls.

If one wants to know what a craft hemp operation looks like, one need only look at any of the many craft cannabis grows to see the protocol. Aside from organic grow methods, the emphasis is on the personal care of each plant, not mass production. Craft hemp flower grows are no different, as it is the same plant, just bred for legal amounts of THC, under.3%.

Premium hemp flower grown without harsh synthetic chemicals, simply tastes better and is better for you. Due to slow drying and glass jar curing, the hemp buds from craft hemp flower farms will taste smoother and contain more terpenes, contributing to the “entourage effect”. Who doesn’t appreciate more flavor and more “effect” in their hemp products, or any product for that matter!

Sadly, commercial hemp farms simply cannot produce high grade hemp flower, or there would be no need for craft hemp farms. The care necessary to produce the terpene rich, mouth watering hemp buds the public desires, cannot be attained by farms producing literal tons of hemp flower. That is too much CBD hemp flower to properly dry, hand trim and glass jar cure. They result is, you will be smoking harsh commercial hemp, albeit for less than the craft hemp bud connoisseurs rave about.  visit us to know more about us – best hemp flower