Is RSO a Sativa or Indica Hybrid?

I’ve often been asked, “Is RSO a Sativa or Indica?” This is a very common question as far as I’m concerned. If you’re not familiar with how to grow High Relief Skunky, then this article will help you out. High Relief Skunky, or HR Skunk, is the name of my favorite Sativa marijuana strain. The reason I like it so much is because it is a pure “sativa” plant, which means it has never been crossed with indica plants (the most popular forms of pot-weed). This is important, because indica plants are high in resin, and HR Skunk is one of the only plants where the resin doesn’t linger in the buds (which is what makes HR Skunk so unique and great-tasting).

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So the big question, “Is RSO a Sativa or Indica?” can be easily answered by saying that it’s a good medium between the two. Some hybrid strains are very sweet poppies, but they lack the complexity and overall robustness found in true Sativa plants, while some Sativa plants are very robust, but very sweet.

Some examples of the latter include our homegrown Sweet Apple, the very sweet Butternut and our homegrown Bullet Proof (sometimes referred to as the BVP strain, since it contains a bit more verval). The truth is there is no perfect pot. Some plants will do well in small pots, some in large pots, some will do well in window boxes, some will do well in hanging baskets – it really depends on the variety of plant and your growing conditions. HR Skunk buds can be grown almost anywhere. We have a small balcony, a number of large pots, and several window boxes on the roof.

Is RSO a Sativa or Indica? In general, most outdoor plants are more highly evolved than indoor plants, even when they’re in containers. Indoor plants may be a different story, however. Some indoor varieties of marijuana, particularly Sativa, may actually be less suited to living outdoors, if they aren’t highly evolved.

To answer the question “Is RSO a Sativa or Indica?” we need to look at some of the differences between the two categories of plants. Sativa, or psychoactive, sativa plants contain the Phetamines which are present in high concentrations in marijuana. RSO, or Resin strain, is not the same, nor is it likely to contain any phetamines. A RSO marijuana may contain lower concentrations of Phetamines, but is unlikely to contain any Resins at all. This doesn’t mean that RSO is less harmful, just that it may be more sensitive to outside environmental factors.

So is RSO a sativa or indica hybrid? It’s up to you to decide. It’s possible to grow many indoor and outdoor varieties of marijuana with a RSO, but for true sativa or indica hybrid marijuana, you will have to find an indoor grown variety that is true to its intended purpose. There are many hybrid potlucks out there, and with some careful research you should be able to find one near you. Enjoy!