Understanding the female cannabis and its pollination

As a cannabis grower, we must pollinate the female cannabis plant if we would like it to supply seeds. When it is fertilized, it also consumes more concise training into delivering potent yields into our harvest. However, if we do not need it to produce seeds for future germination, we do not require it to be cross-fertilized. Moreover, we would like to stop it or halt its growth. You would like to see any indications of pollination in the early stages, so we do not waste time on meager results.

It would be best to keep the male cannabis plants far away from the female weeds because pollination from the male seedlings causes the females to produce seeds. Moreover, why is that a problem? Because female cannabis plants produce more seeds, and that we are not producing fine-quality buds. However, we will avoid everything with some techniques that we can learn.

Furthermore, why are the seeds a problem? Because nobody wants to smoke seedy weed. However, once we find out how male cannabis plants look, and once we learn to release pollen, we will remove them and place them far away from the feminine cannabis plants.

How Are You Able To Tell That A Female Plant Has Been Pollinated?

After germinating marijuana seeds, one of the first signs that the cannabis plant is pollinated is that her bracts are larger. Moreover, when the cannabis plant is not fertilized, we are small, leaf-like structures that protect the female’s reproductive parts. You would like to understand what bracts are and calyxes and not confuse one with the opposite.

You can test it by employing a pair of picking tools. You take a bract with the pickers, open it up, and if it is a seed inside, it has pollinated. Furthermore, the color of the pistil hairs can symbolize pollination. The white hairs become darker, and that we fade when the cannabis plant is pollinated.

How To Avoid Accidental Or Cross-Pollination?

You need to possess a male cannabis plant that produces pollen, which cannabis plant can pollinate the female cannabis plant. Once spot a male cannabis plant, an intersex cannabis plant, a female cannabis plant, and pollen, they would like to get rid of it. Moreover, this is often important to try within the first three weeks of flowering.

You do not get to keep male cannabis plants if we are not a breeder, and we will obviate them. However, if we are a breeder, we will keep the male cannabis plants near the female cannabis plants if we would like to pollinate them. However, breeders also keep cannabis plants away to avoid unintended pollination. Grow them in separate tents, or if the cannabis plants are during a garden, keep them on two distinct sides, as distant from one another.


How To Know Which One Is The Male Plant?

You will get to wait until the pre-flowering stage. Female cannabis plants show their gender signs later than males. The feminine cannabis plants will show wispy white hairs in the situation where we will grow their buds.

Moreover, the male cannabis plants will not show their hairs, but we will develop little pollen sacs, looking like small balls. Later, those pollen sacs burst open, and that we can pollinate the feminine cannabis plants.

What Do You Do When The Feminine Plants Get Pollinated?

If we notice the pollination early, it can prevent our precious time from being wasted. If we see that a cannabis plant has been pollinated and do not need it to be fertilized, get it alongside the male cannabis plant. It is not advisable to use the sea of green method of cannabis growing when we do not want to mix male with female cannabis plants,


With that being said, cannabis growers can avoid pollination. The first thing to do is look for a feminized cannabis seeds dealer. Choose the favorite strain and purchase it. By germinating feminized seeds, we do not get to worry and guess if the cannabis plant will be female or male. So if we are buying great seeds, our harvest will definitely come in good quality weeds, and we will not need to worry about anything.